8Bitdo NES30 PRO Wireless Bluetooth Controller Gamepad - Black + Grey
  • 8Bitdo NES30 PRO Wireless Bluetooth Controller Gamepad - Black + Grey [фото1]8Bitdo NES30 PRO Wireless Bluetooth Controller Gamepad - Black + Grey [фото1]

8Bitdo NES30 PRO Wireless Bluetooth Controller Gamepad - Black + Grey

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​- Mode 1 for Android; iCade mode for MAME4ALL arcade emulator;
- Mode 3 for iOS;
- Mode 4 is for playing touch screen games, not for physical buttons games.
- Turn off: Press START and hold for 3s until the light is turned off;
- Clear pairing information: If it is not 0000 pairing code, press and hold SELECT for 3s to clear the last pairing information and then pair again.
(Note: Make sure the gamepad is full of power; Otherwise, Bluetooth would probably pair unsuccessfully; USB cable for charging.)
Modes 1/2/3: Bluetooth wireless connection
- Open Bluetooth in mobile device and find "8Bitdo FC30 Pro" to connect;
- Enter emulator games or the games supporting keyboard and joystick operation and then set key mapping. That is OK.
Mode 4: Bluetooth wireless connection simulating touch screen mode
- Android / iOS: Android needs ROOT, iOS needs jail-breaking;- Download FC30 Pro client from official website;
- Execute FC30 Pro client; Click button to open Bluetooth (iOS user needs to close system Bluetooth firstly), software will search Bluetooth device automatically; Find "8Bitdo FC30 Pro" and connect;
- Default Bluetooth pairing password: 0000;
- Enter the game, press SELECT + START, interface will display button; Touch and drag button to the corresponding control point; And then press SELECT + START again to finish key mapping.
- Android user: After using mode 4, you need to clear mode 4 pairing information firstly, so that can enter other modes; 
- iOS user: After using mode 4, system Bluetooth can not work; You need to execute FC30 Pro client and close Bluetooth; More than 10 seconds later, system Bluetooth recovers.
Mode 5: Windows USB wired connection
- Connect to computer and wait it to automatically recognize USB controller; No need drive;
- Set key mapping in the games you play.
Dual-shock mode:
- iOS/Android/Mac OS/PC: 1P: Power+B to enter; 2P: Power+B+R to enter; After connect two gamepads to the device, they become a Bluetooth keyboard; Then just set key mapping. That is OK.
Wiimote mode:
- After entering Wii main interface, press HOME key;
- Press Y+Power on gamepad to enter Wiimote mode;
- Press the red pairing button on the left side of SD slot in Wii; Wait for several seconds, it will automatically recognize the NES30 gamepad; And then 1P icon light turns on, which means they have paired successfully; Supports multiple gamepads pairing.
3 gyro operation (analog): shaking, left-leaning, right-leaning
Gyro instruction: L - Left-leaning, R - Right-leaning, L+R - ShakingGamepad wiimote and real wiimote corresponding keys instruction:
- Direction key - Direction key
- X - B
- Y - One
- A - A
- B - Two
- select - Minus
- start - Plus
8 Bitdo Crissaegrim NES30 PRO
The first full buttons portable game controller in the world. Bulid-in smart CPU,firmware upgradeable for function expansion in the future. Inherit NES retro design,merge fashion technology elements, Crissagerim breathing light.Exclusive support Android, iOS, Windows, MacOS.
Inconceivable Portability
The first full buttons portable game controller in theworld.Built-in smart CPU, firmware upgradeable for functionexpansion in the future.Inherit NES retro design, merge fashion technologyelements, Crissaegrim breathing light.Exclusive support Android, iOS. Windows, MacOS.
The world's first portablefull buttons wireless controller.
Slim portable design, light size but still has ergonomicshape. Anytime,anywhere put into your pocket.
Design inspiration: Crissaegrim breathing light.There is a ultimateweapon ,Crissaegrim.
I am the designer Welin Li. This concept came from the famous game Castlevania:symphony of the night. This game released at 1997 on PS. I was a young boy at that time and crazy in the game, I collected ALL items, ALL weapons, ALL equipment in the game, spent tons of time in it I can said I am one of the most Castlevania fans in the world. When I began to design NES30 Pro, I thought being a portable controller, handing a curved edge will be more comfortable, and I realized that the ultimate weapon ,Crissaegrim, in Castlevania is in blue curved. So, the most cool breathing light was bom.
Multi Working Mode
Multi Working Mode support more devices and OS, and compatiblewith most of the games. Such as:Emulator game, computer gameand touch games on smart devices.
Andorid Mode
PC Mode
Keyboard Mode
iCade Mode
Emu-Touchschreen mode
Support Android games.
Support PC games and worklike a tandard Joystick
Standard Buletooth keyboard,the best compatibility
iOS iCade games
Work with 8Bitdo APP, supporttouch screen games.
High speed CPU, Zero lag !
Don’t worry about the lag when playing gamezero lag depend powerful smart bulitCPU ARM Cortex-M3 32
Bulit-in FLASH.Firmware upgradeable forfunction expansion in the future.
firmware upgradeble for function expansion in the future.The powerful CPU can emulate other controller, such as Will, RetroN5 etc.
100% perfectly support Android games without any setting.
Such as:Final Fantasy, Asphalt 8, modern warface 5, Assassin’s Creed 2, backstabwild blood, GAT5, Need for Speed 17, dired trigger 2, and son on...
The ultimate feel, perfect control
Classic D-Pad with enhanced design, keep NES style and fixedsharp edges.GamePad with curved edge design, ergonomicmore comfortable.More that the professional player tested and adjust
Exclusive support iOSand Mac OSX multiplayer.
NES30 Pro GamePad, exclusive provide dual keyborad codethat two NES 30 Pro can connect to one iOS/OSX devicesupport multiplayer. More players, double funny.
Compatible with the mainstream game platform
It's easy to find a game. NES530 Pro compatible with Google standard I/OSupport third part game platform, such as:Grapes game room, Baidu video gamesmicro game room, chick simulator, KO gaming city, onion and other mainstream game arcade hll... 
Leam more about Accessories
Next section about the games support by NES30 Pro, and theinstruction of 8 Bitdo APP. More excellent APP will berecommended, such as OpenEmu.

Quantity1 set
MaterialPlastic shell
Compatible ModelsAll iOS / Android / Mac OS cellphones and computers
Compatible SystemPC , iOS , Android
Supported OS VersionSystem above Android 3.0 and iOS 5.0
Other Features
Other FeaturesFor more FAQ, pls. refer to: http://www.8bitdo.com/fc30pro/Faq.html; Built-in battery capacity: 480mAh
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Размеры 5.2 дюймов x 2.52 дюймов x 0.59 дюймов (13.2 см x 6.4 см x 1.5 см)
Вес 2.93 унций (83 г)
Packing List
1 x Gamepad 1 x USB cable (124+/-2cm) 1 x Holder 1 x Chinese & English user manual